Saturday, May 25, 2013


Adding water to the soap container does not make more soap.
Could somebody make a public announcement regarding this? I'm about to call a town hall meeting to discuss it.

As I was just washing my hands I thought of the office where I used to work. Well, I still work there occasionally, but I wasn't able to go back full-time after having Olive (childcare for 3? bye bye pacheck!). The ladies who I work with and myself make up a pretty crazy bunch. We're all very different and very loud and very opinionated- it usually makes for interesting stories at least. I also have to mention that out of the 12 employees who are there every day, only 3 are male. It's a small office, those poor guys.

Most of the women are older than I am. Actually, at 26, I am the youngest employee there. I don't know, maybe that doesn't have much to do with it, but somebody there always takes the soap in the bathroom when it's almost empty and fills it to the top with water. When I go in there to wash my hands and see that, I almost want to scream. I think it's just so gross.

First of all, that doesn't make more soap. Now you're just washing your hands with water and a tiny bit of soap. That doesn't make for the cleanest of hands. Second, I feel like after that, the soap is contaminated. I don't know what those people have been touching when they take out the pump to fill it up with water. Where do they set the pump while they're filling the bottle up? The ideas just gross me out, but I'm weird. Maybe this whole thing is about me being a germaphobe, lol.

When the soap in the bathroom is like that, I go buy a new bottle myself. I know that some people might add water in trying to use the last bit of soap, but don't. Just set the bottle upside down and let it gather in the top so you can dump it in your hands. Why try and fool yourself by adding water? It doesn't help!!!

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