Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Freebies: My First Klout Perk!

I joined Klout a couple years ago, after hearing about it on Twitter. Occasionally I'd get a notification that somebody had given me a +k and I'd log on to return the favor. For quite a while, that was all I had to do with the whole Klout thing.

A while after I joined, I started to hear about Perks and was intrigued! Free stuff. Who doesn't love free stuff? Perks are basically rewards that Klout issues for being influential in certain topics. When I became eligible for my first Perk I was pretty excited, but it was just a code for 20% off some cell phone case website... meh. No thanks! 

Every time I receive a Perk that I'm interested in, it's always full! Once you get the e-mail saying you're eligible for a Perk, you have to hurry up and claim it. Otherwise, you're out of luck! 

Earlier this month I was finally able to get my hands on a Perk that I was really happy about.. ICE CREAM!!! I scream, you scream, and all that. Mmm.

All I had to do was confirm my mailing address. Exactly one week later I received my package via UPS.

Two coupons for free Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom ice cream, (max value $7.29 each) and an ice cream scoop! The ice cream scoop was a surprise, as was the second coupon. I was only expecting one coupon. 

I can't wait to go grocery shopping and pick out my free ice cream. Free stuff makes me happy!

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