Thursday, September 5, 2013


We have lived in our current house for nearly six years. We found it and moved in whenever I was pregnant with Demitri, our first baby. We were living an hour away at the time and wanted to find a place closer to our families while we started a family. It was the first place we looked at and since we needed to move immediately, we took it. Each of our kids has been brought home to this house from the hospital, and we've raised them here. As we added to the family, the house got smaller- or so it seemed.

It is a very modest three bedroom house with a large yard, but no basement. The ONE bathroom was quite probably a closet at one time, and the kitchen- don't even get me started. I'll just say that you can't completely open the refrigerator door because it's simply that small. The house has worked for us and has been affordable, but we need something bigger and better.

We found "the one" a couple of weeks ago! It's a six bedroom, two bath ranch style house with a completely finished basement and a humongous yard. Complete with detached garage, carport, deck and patio! I can't explain how happy I am to finally get out of this little house and on to bigger and better things.

We're in the process of moving now, and can't wait for it to be over with. I can't believe how much crap we have accumulated and managed to cram into this tiny house. I'm doing a lot of purging. Throwing away anything that's been in a closet and hasn't seen the light of day since the last time we moved. So far we've had to haul two truck loads of junk out to my mom's house to be burned, and there will be more.

We have a lot of shopping to do for the new house. The boys both need twin beds now, with mattresses & dressers. Larry & I need a new mattress, headboard, bed side tables, dressers.. so much stuff to buy. Not to mention the rest of the house. There is so much more room, we don't have enough furniture to fill it up with! We'll put our current living room TV in the basement and spring for a bigger one for the new living room. We'll probably get a new TV for our bedroom as well since the one we have now is an old school big box one. Adding to it all that we'll be paying for both houses for the month of September, and we've got an expensive month ahead of us. We'll have a month to move, but how much would you like to bet that it will come down to the last day? Ha.

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